Stepove Pobuzhzhia

Our bee garden is located in the south of Ukraine, in the region called Steppe Buh, Pervomaysk district of Mykolaiv oblast.


This area is known not only as the former western border of Zaporizhya Sich lands but also as a place where the Granite-Steppe Bug nature reserve is located – a unique ecosystem which is recognized as one of the seven wonders of nature of Ukraine.


The feature of this area is a big number of “endemics” – flowers and herbs growing only here. This allows us to collect honey with a very delicate and characteristic aroma, rich and full taste with a great palette of shades, and an incredible bright sunny color.


That’s why our jars are shining from inside… 


We plan to create bee gardens in different regions of Ukraine. It will help us to set a range of different honeys from different areas, and each of them would tell his own story about the land it was born in… 

Today our bee garden has about 100 bee-families, and they are all part of our own family. We never feed our bees with artificial sugar, we care a lot about their health, using only natural means to support their well-being.


Bees  - they are a highly organised community, and people should learn a lot from them.


Like people bees create families, and only strong, healthy and united family makes the best honey. Bees know this well, and are constantly working on consolidation of their families, while we help them to do it. 

In the same way, «Honey Brothers» are keeping and developing traditional family values of the big and united Ukrainian family. 


Our bee garden is a symbol of union of human and nature to create the best product the whole Ukraine can be proud of. 

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