Savran forest


Savran Forest has been a state landscape reserve since 1984. It is located in the Savran district of Odessa region, on the right bank of the Southern Bug. Its uniqueness and phenomenal nature lies in its geographical location - in the middle of the Black Sea steppe.

The status of a state landscape forest reserve was granted in order to protect and preserve one of the largest oak forests in Ukraine. Its territory exceeds 20 hectares.


The main forest-forming species is common oak, mixed with littleleaf linden, field maple, Tatar maple, common hornbeam, cherry, and  European white elm. 

In the Savran forest you can not only admire nature, but also get acquainted with historical monuments. In the middle of the 18th century, the Haidamaky, who took part in the peasant uprising, fled through the Savran forest. They left the well in memory of their stay. Later it became known as Haydamaky well. Over the years, the well collapsed, but in 2005 it was restored by local residents.

Honey Brothers are represented in the Savran Forest terroir by the beekeeper Dmitry Belous, who has more than six years of experience in beekeeping. There are 70 hives in the apiary.

Honey Brothers invite you to visit this unique place in order  to feel the spirit of this place, to see the giant oaks, to drink clean water from the Haydamaky well and, of course, to taste the delicious honey!


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