Q: How many hives do you have? 

A: At the moment we have about 90 bee families. Beginning from spring 2017 we are planning the installation of more bee-gardens in Mykolayiv region and in other regions of Ukraine. 


Q: Do you feed your bees with the sugar syrup? 

A: No. We consciously take this step which could lead to honey volume reduction, but we fundamentally reject feeding bees with the sugar syrup. Our priority #1 is the quality.  


Q: How do you treat bees’ diseases? 


A: To combat the mite varroloa we use a smoke fumigation method by a smoke bomb basing on different solvents (water, alcohol, purified kerosene). A smoke bomb processing is held not later than 60 days before the honey pumping. In other diseases such as hnilets of different kinds, stone brood, etc, families are isolated from the main apiary. 


Q: What kind of certificates do you have?

A: The quality of each supply is under the control of the quality monitoring lab of the Beekeeping Institute in Kyiv. All our honey meet the State Standard of Ukraine 4497:2005. 


Q: Do you export your honey?


A: Currently we don’t have the exporter status but we actively work on it to get it. Export is possible in case of a private order allowed within the law of Ukraine or dealing with our partners who have already the status of an exporter.