Our honey

Our honey is 100% natural, unfiltered and unpasteurized honey, without artificial sugar,

without antibiotics, GMOs and pesticide residues.

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Steppes of Pobuzhya

Classic warm honey of the south of Ukraine with a silky cream texture.


Color: bright sunny yellow.

Aroma: subtle and warm, with hints of wax and vanilla.

Taste: full, round, long, with a predominance of fruit puree, caramel and fresh homemade butter. On the aftertaste - a light pleasant sourness with berry notes.

Gastronomic recommendations: will go well with toasts made of white bread with butter, fruit mixes and salads in the Mediterranean style.

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Chyhyryn Hills


Saturated, rich, fresh honey, collected from summer flowers of the legendary tract Kholodny Yar.

Color: dark yellow, with reflections of amber. 

Aroma: powerful, with a predominance of fruit puree.

Taste: full, berry-fruit, with a pleasant tartness and powerful tannins. Long aftertaste with a light pleasant bitterness with notes of ripe cherries.

Gastronomic recommendations: the perfect addition to fermented milk products or dishes based on them. It will go well in sauces, or on its own, with caramelized duck breast or lamb barbecue.

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Podilski Tovtry

Fresh and spicy August herbs with a specific wooded character.


Color: yellow with red highlights.

Aroma: delicate, fresh, berry, with hints of currant.

Taste: bright refreshing, spicy, with a hint of wild and garden berries, as well as a light aroma of grapefruit. Long aftertaste with a pleasant pronounced sourness.

Gastronomic recommendations: it will go well with hard aged cheeses, as well as a supplement to smoothies based on green apples and bananas.


Savran Forest


Wild and dry August honey from an apiary located in the Savran Forest  on the border with the steppe in the north of Odessa region.


Color: light yellow, homemade butter and straw.

Aroma: elegant herbal, with hints of spices.

Taste: dry, mineral, with hints of green tea, and a short aftertaste with a slight bitterness.

Gastronomic recommendations: ideal in combination with dried fruits, goat cheese, as well as toast from black bread with butter.

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Terrains of Polissya


Honey with a strong northern character, from an apiary located in the mysterious Zhytomyr Polissya, between the rivers Sluch and Chorna.

Color: brown, boiled condensed milk.

Aroma: powerful, spicy, warm, with hints of freshly ground coffee and buckwheat honey.

Taste: fresh, perfectly balanced, caramel, with notes of toasted rye bread and a long spicy aftertaste.

Gastronomic recommendations: ideal honey for baking, harmoniously combined with hard cheeses, as well as a snack to a glass of warm tea or milk. 

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Honey with black pepper, a joint product with the Ukrainian rock band Harmata. Spicy, explosive, powerful honey, which opens with a bouquet of hundreds of aromas and thousands of flavors.

Color: dark yellow.

Aroma: explosive, with hints of fresh wood.

Taste: spicy, woody, vegetable, on a long spicy aftertaste there are notes of exotic fruits.

Gastronomic recommendations: it goes well with salads of fresh greens with olive oil, as well as toasts of toasted black bread with butter.

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Honey-Pollen IKEBANA

Delicious honey composition of steppe grasses and natural flower pollen. A classic combination of pleasant and useful.

Color: mustard, dirty yellow.

Aroma: vegetable, delicate, with tones of fresh hay and spices



Taste: elegant and spicy, with hints of quince, green tea, plum and citrus. It has a long pleasant aftertaste with characteristic astringency.

Gastronomic recommendations: a teaspoon of "Honey-Pollen Ikebana" half an hour before breakfast - and soon you will forget the way to your doctor forever.

Also, one or two tablespoons of Ikebana for afternoon herbal tea will replace the most delicious dessert.

We recommend tasting only as a snack!

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A product created with the legendary Ukrainian band Haidamaky. Bright combination of honey and hot pepper. Warm and fresh taste with a tonic effect.

Color: bright red-yellow.

Aroma: refreshing and spicy, with warm fruity notes.

Taste: tender and full, with hints of pear and white fruit, with a well-defined light pleasant spiciness on the aftertaste.

Gastronomic recommendations: recipe from connoisseurs: toast of white bread, with a slice of goat cheese and honey "Haydamatsky", coffee with milk or green tea - the perfect breakfast that sets you up for an active and positive day.

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Honey with the addition of poppy seeds, an unexpected harmonious combination of traditionally Ukrainian flavors. Gourmet honey with a dense and delicate creamy texture.

Color: dull yellow.

Aroma: warm resinous, with pleasant tones of forest herbs and flowers.

Taste: vanilla, with hints of hazelnut oil, dried fruit and toasted bread.

Gastronomic recommendations: the perfect sweet dessert, both on its own and as a supplement to sweet pastries, pancakes, traditionally Ukrainian desserts.